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The Next Generation of Hotel Guests Expect Digital Interaction

By August 17, 2014 No Comments

Hotel News Now has a great recap from a panel session titled “Travel Industry Leadership: Managing through Constant Change” from last week at the Global Business Travel Association Convention in Boston.

It seems like the hot topic was the call for hotels to provide the next generation of travelers with the same digital experiences they have at home. As well as digital and online check-ins, 35% of guests want a more social travel experience from hotels.

The next generation of corporate travelers is beginning to expect that level of digital interaction during a hotel stay, Jones said. Hoteliers have to make sure the technology corporate travelers have in their personal lives also exists in hotels.

Online reviews are another good example, Jones said, pointing to Four Seasons’ inclusion of TripAdvisor reviews on its websites. “It’s such an honest … and immediate dialogue,” he said.

We agree!

GuestComment’s working hard to make hotel stays a more social experience–with our electronic guestbooks and surveys that immediately connect guests and hotel staff–and also helping hotels to add reviews to their web site.