Why should I add texting to my properties?

Guests Are Mobile

Over 90% of adults in the US have a mobile phone.

Guests Already Text

Over 78% of mobile users are active texters.

Guests Prefer Text

48% of smartphone owners would rather communicate by text.

93% of unhappy guests never say anything to management.

They just never come back.

Texting benefits your guests:

  • Texting is less confrontational than calling
  • No waiting on hold for front desk staff
  • Text messages are quieter than staff radios
  • Guests don’t have to download an app
  • Checking out by text saves time, skips waiting in line, and provides peace of mind
  • Text message is the easiest way for guests to leave feedback on their stay

Texting benefits your managers and staff:

  • Increased guest satisfaction increases revenues
  • Personal staff numbers stay private
  • Housekeeping staff are instantly notified of guest checkouts (this can save hours for vacation rental companies)
  • No new hardware to buy or setup
  • PMS integration not required – works with any system
  • Almost zero learning curve for staff
  • No waiting on hold for front desk staff
  • Optional SMS caller ID lets staff know who is texting
  • Advanced text routing – messages go to the right person at the right time
  • There is a record of all communication with the guest
  • Guests are 4x more likely to report problems and give feedback via text message
  • Increased quantity of online reviews

Guests are 4X more likely to report problems via text message than by phone, email, or web contact form

Streamlined Checkout

Our text-based checkout solution increases the percentage of guests formally checking out and also increases guest feedback by making ratings and reviews a seamless part of the checkout process.

GuestNetix properties have seen average guest checkout rates increase from 30% to over 75%.
Happy guests can leave a review on the review site of their choice. Guests are significantly more likely to leave a positive review while they are still on the property versus after they’re home.

Before we added texting to our properties, it would be rare that guests would call us. With Text the Manager, we hear of a lot more problems, but that's actually a good thing...it makes guests more likely to come back and visit us again because they've had some interaction, and they see that we really care about our properties and making sure their stay with us is 100% awesome.

Joey Stocking, Bear Lake Cabin Rentals

“Adding texting to your business will have the biggest positive impact on your guests and your business this year.”

Text the Manager for Hospitality starts at $19/mo.

  • Base price includes up to 10 units (a “unit” is typically a room for motels/hotels, or a property for vacation rental companies).
  • Additional units can be added for $1.25/mo each. (Above 100 units, the price drops to $1/mo each).
  • There are no contracts. Everything is month to month.

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100% Iron-Clad Risk-Free Guarantee:

We guarantee that if you make an honest effort to implement our text message platform in your business, you’ll improve your guest satisfaction, improve your reputation, and ultimately improve your bottom line. We’ll even give you 2 full months to prove that it really does work. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied, just let us know and we’ll issue an immediate, no-hassle refund right on the spot.

Add Text Messaging to Your Business Now >>