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Report: 80% of Hotel Guests Will Tell Their Friends if Your Hotel Sucks

By September 7, 2014 No Comments

There are a lot of interesting stats in the new PwC’s Experience Radar 2012 report, but there are a handful that jumped right off the page.

As reports…

Leisure guests reported they were willing to pay a 20-percent premium for best-in-class issue resolution, while business guests reported they were willing to pay an 11-percent premium.

Let that sink in for a second. Your hotel guests will pay a 20% premium for your rooms, if you demonstrate you have a “best in class” system for resolving issues they may have, while staying at your property.


Eight out of 10 leisure guests are influenced by well-handled issue resolution during a previous stay when rebooking.

If your hotel guests have a problem, which you then resolve, they are highly likely to rebook with you the next time around. How much do you spend in attracting new guests? GuestComment costs less than $200 a month and could vastly increase repeat bookings.

Lastly, and for some hotels, this is the biggie…

Sixty-six percent of guests surveyed indicated they are not willing to rebook after a bad experience. In addition, they make sure their entire network shares the same sentiment because 80 percent of those surveyed report sharing bad experiences with others within a month.

What if your hotel guest has a bad experience and you never even heard about it? Well, you’d soon hear about it when they start telling all of their friends, family, and social network connections. Now, what if they complained via your GuestComment kiosk, instead of bottling it up and waiting to write that scathing Tripadvisor review?

In summary.

  1. Increase hotel rates by 20% by installing a best in class resolution system
  2. Improve guest loyalty by handling any issues that occur
  3. Decrease negative reviews that can hurt your revenue

I’m not a math major, but that sure does add up to a compelling reason to offer your hotel guests GuestComment. Contact us today and we’ll ship your hotel resolution system within 24 hours!