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Hotel Issued iPads a Big Hit Among Travelers

By October 8, 2014 No Comments

A new study from Intelity suggests that hotels are seeing a great reaction to the addition of iPads in hotel rooms. Not only are hotel guests NOT stealing the iPads, but they are actually using them!

As Skift reports…

A new study by the company that makes the software for iPads at 53 hotels across the country found that 82% of guests who had access to the tablets used them an average of 11 times per stay.

Of the guests who used the hotel iPads, 41% ordered in-room food, 21% requested a wake-up call and 7% called for a housekeeper…

The use of iPads by hotels–or by guests bringing their own iPad–is part of the reason GuestComment added a non-kiosk version of our hotel review management platform. Now, hotels can install the GuestComment app on their own devices–or provide a unique web URL to hotel guests that BYOD–so that guests can leave feedback, reviews, praise and critiques from any device!

If your hotel has started offering iPads to its guests, please drop us a note and we’ll show you how you can use GuestComment to improve your hotel reviews.